Our Story

H&W Enterprises is a comprehensive, community based, mental health and substance abuse service provider, established in 2004, with a simple premise in mind…to meet the needs of our global community. Since our founding, H&W Enterprises has offered services that create a holistic and person-centered approach to daily living.

Our dedicated professional staff work diligently to promote the H&W vision, mission and culture as described below.

Our Vision

To provide mental health and substance abuse services that improve quality of life as well as quality of community.

Our Mission

Empowering individuals and families to seek their own level of wellness by addressing their holistic mental health, addiction, and community support needs.

HW Enterprises Mission

Our Culture

  • We encourage and support our Stakeholders.

  • We exercise empathy, professional ethics, respect and confidentiality.

  • We embrace cultural diversity and inclusion.

  • We operate in the spirit of equity and equality daily.

  • We treat all persons entering in our facilities with dignity and will not, under any circumstances, engage in or tolerate behaviors, which involve a form of harassment, intimidation, abuse or exploitation.

  • It is our aim to create and maintain a culture that educates, empowers and elevates those we serve and employ.

Strategic Plan

This document comprises a strategic plan for Health &Wellness of VA. Download here.

Client Satisfaction Survey

We want to hear about your level of satisfaction for the services you are provided. Download here.

Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey

We want to hear about your level of satisfaction with the service provided by Health & Wellness of VA (H&W). Download here.

Leadership Team

Jon Haggler


Chief Executive Officer

Jeff Jones


Chief Operations Officer

Charnell Murphy, LPC LCMHC

Clinical Director